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Updated: Mar 30, 2019

A riveting topic.

I've been suffering from chronic sinus infections for 4 years now. As I started to travel more they got worse. I can only imagine it was because I was being exposed to more plants, trees & cockroach species (will get to this). It seemed like every time I traveled, I would come back with more than jet lag. Knowing how bad antibiotics are for you I would hold off as long as I could, but it never seemed to work and I found myself right back at a minute clinic. This last sinus infection I had in January was the worst its ever been. I couldn't even stand up, my head was throbbing so bad I was throwing up.

It was time to figure out another solution.

A friend told me about a local wellness company that did a treatment to relieve sinus pressure, I was at a point where I would try anything. I went to Trinity Wellness in Blue Springs, Missouri. They did ear candling & a sinus massage which gave me some relief for the time being, but the most important thing was Neda (at Trinity Wellness) telling me I should see and ENT, or get an allergy test.

I booked an appointment with an ENT the next day, it only took a week to get in as a new patient. They set me up for an allergy test a couple weeks later and boy let me tell you that was an experience.

First and foremost I went in thinking I was being tested for food allergies. That definitely wasn't the case. I was tested for environmental allergies (duh, Kelsee): Grasses, Weeds, Trees, Mold, Dust & Other (the most upsetting category).

To start the process they just simply put a solution on your arm (picture 1- unfortunately i didn't have my phone with me in the room so you couldn't see how bad it was at first) to see how you react to it and to help determine what shot to use (strong solution, or medium solution) if the marks on your arm have little to no reaction they will use the strongest shot so they can get an accurate reading, if the marks on your arm raise up and become super inflamed it means you're f-ed and highly allergic so you will be given the medium solution.

After both your arms are now itching so bad you want to go bathe in after-bite cream, they will administer 36 shots in your arms, some places do this in your back, I truly can't imagine having this many shots in your back, so I would try and find a place that does it in your arm.

My only word of advice for this part is maybe eat or drink before going to your appointment. I didn't follow my own advice because it was so early in the morning. She finished about 20 shots before i almost threw up I was so dizzy. It's a pretty intense process, luckily the nurse was pretty fast with injecting me. The shot itself stings a little and it's very uncomfortable, but it's not super painful. Once all 36 shots have been injected the nurse will set a timer for 20 minutes to see the reaction of the injection site. She will then measure and give you your result. (my results are down below)

This entire process took about an hour and a half.

GRASS, WEEDS, TREES. All of these I am highly allergic to, so that's basically frigging everywhere on this planet. The moment I step outside i pretty much die.

OTHER- CATS- highly allergic to cats. This is upsetting because I have THREE of them. So that's cool. Can you imagine loving something so much and not being able to touch it anymore. They are no longer allowed in my room. They know this and in cat fashion push my door open, jump on my bed, rub their bodies on my clothes, and eat the soil out of my plants.

OTHER- COCKROACHES- This one was laughable until I asked her to explain how in the hell i could be highly allergic to cockroaches. The nurse informed me cockroaches are literally everywhere, restaurants, businesses, grocery stores, vents. VENTS. The moment the vent kicks on and cockroach dust gets in your nostrils you get sick. Cool. Never leaving the house.

After you have your results, which you will most likely have them right on the spot, the nurse will tell you your treatment options. Before you start the treatment of your choice you will have to get an EpiPen ordered (most insurance companies will send you this for free) this is to take precaution in case you have an allergic reaction to the allergy shots, that are supposed to help you not have an allergic reaction....makes sense.

Your options are either a shot in your leg once a week for 3-5 years OR drops under your tongue once a day for 3 years.

The shots take about a year to fully kick in and the drops take about 4 months.

The drops sound like a no brainer other than the fact your insurance will most likely NOT cover them. For me they are $100 a month.

The shots are $200 a month for the shot & solution, but my insurance covers 70% of this.

I decided to go with the drops for a few reasons. One reason being I am out of town a lot so getting in to get the shot will be a difficult task. Also by the time you factor in gas and time to get the shot is it really worth it?

Another reason is I don't know what kind of insurance i'll have next year. The coverage could be better, or it could be worse.

And lastly who the f wants to have a shot in their leg once a week, i'm forever good on that one.

Monday, March 18, 2019

I started my allergy drops today, of course when I was walking into my doctors office they were mowing the grass right outside the door, so I was basically dying as I walked in the door (the grass is dead in Missouri, wtf are you doing anyway)

The start up kit is $250- This is 4 sets of drops. You start with the weakest solution and work your way up. Starting with the green drops, 1 drop under the tongue (hold under tongue for 2 whole minutes, feels like an eternity, and then swallow), once a day for a week. 2 drops under the tongue, once a day for a week. 3 drops under the tongue, once a day for a week and then moving onto the second set of drops and so on.

You have to carry an Epipen with you in the event that you have an allergic reaction to the drops. It's rare, but it can happen. My doctor said "it will feel like an impending doom" thank you, doc. As someone with anxiety, i'm pretty sure my mind was tricking itself into thinking this impending doom was upon me before I even swallowed the drops.

After you pay $250 for the start up kit, you will pay $100 a month for the rest of your life. JK, just until your doctor says you can get off of them. For most people it's 3-5 years.

If you are curious about how much it is for the shots (if you are able to make it into the doctors office 4 times a month for 5 years)- the shots were going to be $150 a month. My insurance covered 70% of that after i hit my deductible. Every insurance is different.

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