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planning one oh one.



I refuse to spend over $500 on a flight unless I absolutely have to or I can't be flexible on my dates. So far i've done pretty well for myself. And here's how: Skyscanner. There are a ton of other sites, but this has been my day one and he has not disappointed. I also sometimes use Momondo or Kiwi.

Check out my journal entry on flights for more info!


contact your bank

Set a travel notice for the cards & banks you will be using on your trip. Trust me the last thing you want is your frigging bank calling you while you're trying to enjoy a piña colada on the beach and you miss the one time an orca jumps out of the water because you're on the phone. bye.

Most banks have an app you can set the dates and countries you will be visiting.


emergency contact list

Keep a list of important numbers written or typed out in your backpack.

Whatever may be important to you: credit card/bank lost or stolen number, mommy & daddy, insurance claim numbers. 

I also give my parents my friends parents number when i'm traveling with them.

Remember when your mom use to ask you to write down the number to the parents of the 'friends' house you were staying at, yeah- you know you lied. Well don't lie this time, it could cost you your life. 


photocopy your passport

Make a copy, and then make a copy of that copy. Keep them in different bags. You just never know what could happen. 


book your rooms

Some people like to book their hotel or hostels last minute or when they get there and that's totally cool, that's one less thing you have to worry about doing before you leave. Congrats on being the chillest frigging person around. I, however, can not do that (only on rare occasions have I done this, aka never) I will at least have my first night booked so i don't have to worry about it after a long travel day. 




I always type out an itinerary with an hour by hour plan with room for fuck ups (because they happen) I love to plan, but it's important to be able to go with the flow as well. Print off all airline tickets & confirmation emails.



Time to pack your life away. Choosing the right luggage is very important when traveling. Have you ever tried to roll a 52 lb suitcase across cobble stone? Or carried a 52lb suitcase up 4 flights of stairs? Or tried to fit a 52lb suitcase on a full train? Yeah me neither.



apps & maps

When renting a car they will try and get you to rent a GPS, just use your phone and download Google Maps. It hasn't failed me thus far, check back later for updates. I also use - I love this app because you can use to offline, it's great for walking around and trying to navigate around the city. I also love to pin my hotel and look at restaurants and things I want to do around there and pin them (you can color coordinate them). A lot of countries accept Uber, depending on where you are going have that downloaded. If you are going to Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, or Vietnam download Grab, you will thank me later.




This is one thing i try to book as far in advance as possible. If you know where you are flying into and you have your dates set, the next step should be booking your car. I say this because i have never seen prices go down as you get closer to your trip. They ALWAYS go up.....way up.


health & insurance

coming soon.

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